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Professional Display

Exhibit displays enhance brand recognition, product awareness and profits. Make certain your display is inviting, professional and enticing. Offering wrapped candies/chocolates is a fun way to ensure everyone stops by your table.


Sharing Exhibition Table

Sharing a table with another exhibitor with complementary products/services will reduce costs and may enhance sales. Table sharing works well for authors, musicians, coaches, visionaries and entrepreneurs who require limited display space.


Important: Check with exhibit organizers to make certain table sharing is permitted. 


Be Prepared

When planning your display, you will need to know: display table size and whether it’s covered/skirted; if needed, whether electricity/water is available; when and where you can load in your wares; and, whether meals and beverages are available onsite. To ensure your energy remains high, you might want to bring midday snacks/refreshments.


Comfort matters: Take an extra pair of shoes and dress in layers. Make certain that you will be provided with chair(s) and an additional exhibitor pass for your assistant.



Create or commission professional signage. Picture frames are an affordable way to display computer-generated signage.


Attract, Don’t Distract

First impressions are lasting. A display that is cluttered distracts. Showcase your best sellers and/or signature products. Include the remainder of your items in a secondary, smaller display or catalogue.



Consumers ‘buy’ the person first and the merchandise second. Be friendly and professional to everyone.  When possible, stand in front of your display table, ready to greet visitors.


Business Cards and Brochures

Invest in professional business cards that include up-to-date contact information and your picture.


Where appropriate, create or commission professional brochures of current products and services.


The Magic of Coupons

Coupons are marketing magic! Give everyone visiting your display a ‘discount’ coupon for your products/services. Make your offer enticing but still profitable. As this is an excellent way for securing new and repeat sales at a later date, be certain that your coupon becomes effective after the exhibition. Including an ‘end’ date for your promotional coupon creates a sense of urgency and a reason for you to contact clients before the coupon expires. 


Important: Be certain to include your contact and website information and the promotion start and end dates on the coupon. 


One Amazing Offer/Discount/Special

Everyone loves a deal. Create excitement by offering a ‘Seminar Special’ for a popular item or service.  


Prize Drawing

Conduct a prize drawing with an irresistible offering or a best-selling product.


Be certain that your draw form includes ample space for answering and asks for the following information: name, phone number, email address and website.


You might also want to include questions that explore your entrants’ needs and/or stimulate interest in your products or services. For instance: Are you interested in advance notice of upcoming seminars?  Following each question, provide simple answer options such as “Yes No Maybe.”


Draw Entrants: When ‘No’ means ‘Yes!’

Consumers are trained to answer “no” whenever approached with an offering. Therefore, rather than asking seminar attendees if they’d like to enter your drawing, instead ask “Have you had a chance to enter our drawing for a ____?” or “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to enter our draw for a ___?” Anyone who hasn't entered your drawing will likely answer “no” which really means “yes!”


Declaring Your Prize Drawing Winner

Decide which of the following is most beneficial: 1) Conducting your drawing toward the end of the seminar and asking the organizers to announce the winner; 2) Notifying entrants of the winner via email, text or phone; 3) Declaring every entrant a secondary winner.


Announcing the winner toward the end of the event stimulates excitement and gets your product/services mentioned on stage.


Emailing, texting or phoning each entrant provides an excellent opportunity for enhancing client relations.


Service-oriented exhibitors can greatly benefit by offering an introduction to their specialty. For instance, a therapist who offered a prize drawing for an hour-long massage might contact each entrant with a secondary prize of a free introductory half-hour massage.


Update Your Databases and Follow Up

Following up with potential or new clients is crucial to building an ongoing relationship. For maximum results, within a week of the exhibition, update your email and phone databases and then call or send a personalized email/text thanking each person for visiting your display or making a purchase. Remember: In any business, the gold comes from ‘repeat’ business!


Exhibitors are Potential Clients Too

It’s smart to network with everyone, including your fellow exhibitors. Be genuinely interested in their services/products and offer to help out in any way possible. Where appropriate, suggest becoming affiliates and promoting each other’s products/services on an ongoing basis.




Where heartminded visionaries shop for inspiration & education.


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