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Inspirational Anthology Collection


The HEARTMIND WISDOM Inspirational Anthology Collection ignites hope through transformational insights, experiential knowledge and kinship.

Divided into 5 Restorative Categories--Bouncing Back, Divine Connection, Hope, Healing from Loss, and Self-Actualization--you can easily determine which authentic story and courageous author speaks to your mind, heart and soul.

After reading one of the 21 stories in each book, lifted emotionally and wiser, you'll be drawn to another chapter, another author who shared his or her journey for the sole purpose of helping you to be your authentic, best, happiest self.



5-Star Review on Amazon.com by Maya

"Once I started reading one life story I could not put the book down and I simply had to continue. These stories of heartbreak, challenge and at times utter despair helped me see my life in a different light. The wisdom these beautiful souls gained and their 'new' outlook towards this process called life gave me much courage and strength; I understood that I am not alone at all! It is time to reach out and to share, let us be authentic and speak through our hearts! Over time we can understand why this is all happening 'to' us and see the silver lining in everything. Indeed a beautiful collection.“


5-Star Review on Amazon.com by Asha

"I loved this book! It has a story for everyone. My best friend went through a really difficult time caring for her ailing father. She shared with me that reading the stories in this book helped her tremendously. Her comment was, "It was almost like having an angel in my corner. I related to the stories in the Bouncing Back category and I didn't feel so alone." It is on my list of favorite things to gift."


5-Star Review on Amazon.com by Angel “Haydee” 

"I loved reading this book and will revisit its pages many more times for sure! The stories are not only well written but they are also very inspirational and healing. Emotive stories revealing hardships, resilience, forgiveness, unconditional love and so much more: all the scope of human emotions beautifully displayed on its pages. You'll be able to see similarities between your story and that of (at least one) of the authors for sure! It is down-to-earth and very easy to follow. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading stories about the fantastic diverse gamut of the human spirit. Great book to give as a gift too!"

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