Patricia Connor and Joyce Ross have been best friends for over three decades. They met in the late eighties when Joyce was a Mary Kay Cosmetics Director and Patricia was the Director of the Vancouver branch of the Canadia Career Centre.


New to Vancouver, one afternoon, Joyce was walking through a shopping mall scouting for potential clients. When she spotted Patricia's glowing complexion, she approached her and said, "You have such beautiful skin. Have you ever had a free Mary Kay Cosmetics facial?" Patricia agreed to havw the facial provided Joyce agreed to speak to her career studies students about proper deportment in the business world. Later that year, Patricia started a part-time Mary Kay business.


A few years later, the two women became business partners in CAMELION HOSIERY, a direct sales company that Joyce founded.


Joyce's book DIRECT SALES: Be Better Than GOOD-Be GREAT! was published by Pelican Publishing in 1991. Two years later, when Joyce and Patricia sold their direct sales business, they had over 500 independent representatives across North America marketing non-run hosiery and sterling silver jewelry via the party plan.


During 1994, the two women were instrumental in taking a Vancouver-based children's clothing company from monthly sales of $40,000 to $400,000 plus monthly.


From there, they chose separate career paths. Patricia became the Director of Human Resources for Radarsat International. Joyce started a singles business and renovating and flipping houses. However, fate soon brought the two women back together.


Having periodically suffered bouts of acute depression, during difficult times such as when she lost her father and when she underwent her second hip replacement, Patricia questioned the meaning of life. Joyce became a gambling addict and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. After numerous attempts to quit gambling, she was walking through a casino one day when she  turned her plight up to the universe. "What is it I really need?" she asked God and the angels. 


What Joyce expected to hear was, "You need a kick in the pants or to win the lottery." But that's not what she heard. In her mind's ear she heard a divine whispering, "You need kindness." At the same time she was basked in a glorious feeling of unconditional love. It was then that she realized that berating herself for her addiction was keeping her stuck in self-loathing and regret. To heal, she needed to be kind to herself.


Excited, she shared her aha moment with Patricia who smiled knowingly. Self-kindness was what helped her to move out of depression and toward inner-peace. Knowing that self-kindness was a crucial step toward being kind to others, animals and the planet, the two friends decided to share the miracle of self-kindness with the world. 


Joyce wrote and Patricia edited The Kindness Ambassador and the Sugarholic Prosecutor, a semi-autobiographical account of the good friends' journeys through depression and addiction. They hoped that their inspirational self-help book woven into a romance story would help others heal. They also planned to use the book as a springboard for their public speaking and seminar endeavors. However, once the book was ready for print, they lost sight of their dream and froze. 


"I don't know what it is," Joyce confessed to Patricia. "But now that we are ready to move forward, I feel stuck." Patricia nodded before saying, "I'm feeling the same way. Perhaps we're not meant to move forward just yet."


A few days later, while outside, Joyce heard a second divine whispering from the universe, "Take other people's journeys to the world, too." Both women excitedly embraced the idea. After all, the more stories told, the more others would be helped to heal. It was time to move forward, just not in the way they'd originally intended.


Within weeks, they had gathered together twenty-one coauthors for the first HEARTMIND WISDOM Inspirational Anthology. However, people kept asking to be in the book. It was then that they decided to publish a collection of Heartmind Wisdom books. (Collections 1, 2 & 3 are now available, and the fourth will be published in 2016.)


Awed by the incredible circumstances and challenges the authors had overcome, Joyce and Patricia felt privileged to help them write and tell their stories. Joyce developed and taught the "13 GOLDEN WRITING KEYS" and Patricia developed and taught the "13 GOLDEN SPEAKING KEYS" and wrote her guided workbook HEARTMIND PURPOSE: Identifying Your Calling through the 13 Heartmind Keys.


Patricia and Joyce's favorite heartmind endeavors include hosting the LARGEST HUMAN PEACE SIGN Concert in 2012 and 2013, and commissioning the filming of HEART PRINTS: Be the Love; be the Miracle.


Their proudest moments include when HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection #1 hit the Amazon Best-Sellers List and when hundreds showed up to celebrate the launch of HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection #2. Of course, they are anticipating equally exciting results when the third book in the collection is published. 


Unless they receive further divine direction, Joyce and Patricia now intend to guide others toward the HEARTMIND EFFECT: Aligning Purpose, Platform & Profit. 




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